Buyer’s Guide: selecting the best cane for hip pain

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After an injury or surgery, hip pain often makes walking difficult. This is expected especially from business people with Multiple Sclerosis or any other disease. They walk with a cane or a walker. In this article, I make it easy for you to select the best cases for hip pain.

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But if your requirement is only a cane, read this article We have made selecting the best cane easy for you.


ٓٓYou cannot buy just any cane, can you? You have to select the type of cane which best suits your needs.

Canes are available in many sizes, colors, types, and handles. To provide the best function and safety, it’s crucial to choose the right cane type and size,

Heather Larson wrote an article titled How to Choose Right Cane | Sore Knees, Hips, Ankles, Feet | Arthritis Today in which she states that According to Lori Ramage, a physical therapist and the Joint Club Coordinator at Banner Boswell Medical Center in Sun City, Arizona. The right cane:

  • Improves your balance and
  • Reduces any risk of falling by widening the support base,
  • Decreases weight on lower-body joints like the hips, knees, ankles, and feet.


People prefer any of the following three types:

  1. single-Point
  2. Quad canes
  3. Three-point



☻ ArthritisEasily maintain balanceQuad Canes
☻ neurological impairment,
☻ significant weaknesses or
☻ balance limitations
☻ Quad Canes can handle more weight.
☻ Balance Limitations. One of the issues is dizziness.three-point canes
☻ balance problems
☻ Similar to quad canes

1. Single-Point:

These are best for people who have knee pain, but stability is not their problem.

Those with hip pain and had surgery should avoid the single-pointed cane because they may lose their stability and fall. As the result may result in severe injury

– Folding cane

These canes usually are single-point canes. You might prefer a folding or collapsible cane as it is easy to carry and store.

These canes easily fold up. So, you can keep them in any small container.

2. Quad Canes:

These provide the most stability. If you feel difficult to maintain balance, get a quad cane.

So you don’t want to fall and go through another surgery. The hip bones, after surgery, are very weak and can break on another fall. You want a cane that provides the most stability.

3. Three pointed Canes:

Three-point canes are similar to quad canes. The only difference is the number of points. Three-pointed canes have three-point. On the other hand, quad-canes have four-point. An additional point offers additional stability.

– Cane-Chair

These are three pointed canes; two in front and one in the back, like a triangle. A little piece of wood is in between two points wh9ich unfold into a chair to sit.

In hip pain, a Quad-cane is there for your help!


You might think are canes of any handle good for patients of hip pain?

Canes come in different handles and you can replace with a one of your choices. Select handles that are easy to hold and which will help you to move with ease.


The handle is the most classic style. You can hook it on a chair or doorknob. A down-side of this style is that it can be uncomfortable and hard to hold,

Is this good in hip pain? Since this handle can be uncomfortable, It’s wise to choose any other style


Another classic style and among the first designs created. This style covers the disadvantages of round handles. It is easy to grip and comfortable.

Is this good in hip pain? This is a good option in a quad-cane.


Offset Cane handles are Derby handles but a little bend in the shaft. These handles evenly distribute your weight The padded grips reduce strain on your wrist. Thus, thus provide a comfortable grip.

Is this good in hip pain? Yes, Offset handles are comfortable distribute your weight so that you maintain your balance. .


A little more bend on the offset design makes it an ergonomic design


This fancy-looking handle fits in your palm.

Is this good in hip pain? A knob handle does not provide the required support.


These handles come in many different shapes and give a stylish look at a party or function.


These handles are good for those who have trouble sitting or standing.


Now you’ve determined the cane and handle types you are going to buy, But canes are available in different materials, what should you choose? Most often, you’ll wither choose a wood cane or a metal cane (aluminum or steel).

– Wood Canes

You may see wooden canes to be more aesthetically appealing. They have a classic and sleek look.

If needed, they can also be much easier to cut than a metal cane.

You will find wood canes with fixed length. You’ll have to look for a cane of suitable height.

Is this good in hip pain? Solid wood canes can be heavier to use and carry Wood canes are typically only available as a single point cane.

– Metal Canes

Metal canes are both lightweight and durable. Metal canes are harder to cut Some canes are height adjustable.


In hip pain, when buying a cane, select the one which is lightweight, comfortable, and maintains your balance.

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