Are eBooks Better Than Print Books? A Book Lover’s Opinion

A questioon may pop in your mind Are ebooks better than printed books? I’ll answer this in this post, keep reading!

Many book lovers would argue that ebooks are not better than real physical books, and I agree with them, to a little extent. It all depends on what kind of person you are, and how you choose to read your favorite books.

Ebooks are better than real books. They provide many benefits which, unfortunately, physical books don’t offer. For example, E-books are more environmentally friendly, cheap, easily shareable, and more portable than printed books.

I have heard many people complaining about eBooks being inferior to print books, so I wanted to share with you my opinion on this matter and it is based on my experience reading both formats of books.

Let’s find out why eBooks are better than printed books!

In This Article…..

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Nauman Nazir

Nauman Nazir

A writer who have been professionally writing since 2015 for blogs. Nauman is a post graduate in marketing. He likes to write on lifestyle and technology.